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Microsoft delivers first public preview of Office 2016 for Mac

Five years after rolling out Office 2011 for Mac, Microsoft has made a first public preview of its successor, Office 2016 for Mac, available to testers for download.

Microsoft already has updated OneNote and Outlook (available in limited preview form) available for the Mac. windows 10 serial key 2016 Today, March 5, the company is delivering refreshed public previews of those two apps in addition to the first public previews of the 2016 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and is making all five apps available to anyone running Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10).

The Office for Mac 2016 preview is available for download from Microsoft’s preview site,cheap windows 10 pro keys and can be run alongside Office for Mac 2011.

Microsoft is planning to deliver regular updates to the preview, and will notify testers of availability of those updates via a notification from the Office for Mac Auto-Update tool. Every new preview build will expire roughly 60 days after it’s posted and the final preview build will continue to function for roughly a month after Office 2016 for Mac becomes generally available.

Microsoft is planning to make Office 2016 for Mac generally available some time this summer, officials said – likely several months ahead of the Office 2016 for Windows release in the second half of 2015. Officials said they’d have more news to share soon about opening up the Office 2016 for Windows suite publicly. (The Windows version has been in private testing for several months.)

Microsoft’s goal with Office 2016 for Mac is to make it look and feel more like Office for Windows (and other Office suite flavors), while not losing the styling that makes the suite feel like it’s built for Mac OS X, said Eric Wilfrid, Director of Office Product Marketing.

The updated Mac suite includes a newly designed Ribbon that’s similar in formatting and organization to the Office for Windows Ribbon. The suite includes full support for retina displays and is built to be “cloud connected,” so it’s tightly integrated with OneDrive, ms office 2016 pro plus product key OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Office 365.

Office 2016 for Mac allows users to access files across all their devices running Office by signing in with their Office sign-in credentials. This way, a user could start writing a document on Office for Android,windows 10 activation key access it later on Office 2016 for Mac and then finish it on Office for iPad, while always having access to the most up-to-date version.

In the new version of Word 2016 for Mac, Microsoft has added threaded comments to improve coauthoring. In Excel, there’s now support for the same keyboard shortcuts as Office for Windows users have. The PowerPoint 2016 for Mac update adds the same presenter view as is available in PowerPoint for iOS.

So far, as is the case with the Office 2016 for Windows private preview, new features and functionality seem rather limited for the next version of Office for Mac. windows 2016 activator So what took Microsoft so long to bring the coming version to market?

Wilfrid said that Microsoft shifted gears after rolling out Office 365 and decided to focus on Office 365 and prioritize some of the new Office mobile releases, such as Office for iOS.

Office’s focus is now on cloud connectivity, he said, windows 10 product key purchasenoting that anyone who has a current Office 365 subscription with support for downloadable versions of the Office suite apps will get Office 2016 for Mac as soon as it is released for no additional cost. Microsoft is not yet releasing Office 2016 for Mac pricing for those who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Features New Integration


SharePoint, along with One Drive and Retina Support, will be fully integrated into Office 2016 for Mac unveiled recently by Microsoft. According to reports, Microsoft is now offering a download of Office 2016 for Mac on its page, and some surprises are in store for 2016 key

   Cloud-powered. Office for Mac is now powered by the cloud, so documents can be accessed from any location at any time. The upcoming productivity suite also integrates Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint so that documents from both personal and work accounts can be accessed just by signing in on any 2016 key store
   Retina-optimized graphics. Microsoft has switched to Apple’s Cocoa APIs, so new apps will offer full Retina display support. Thousands of Retina-optimized graphics will be included, not just those focused on the canvas display.
   OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The new Office 2016 requires the latest Apple platform. This is good news for Apple in terms of selling new upgrades and devices, although some users of older platforms may not be happy.
   OneNote and Outlook stay the same. There will be few or no changes in the email program or in OneNote, the digital note-taking app. Full screen view and scroll bounce have been added to take advantage of Mac features.serial key office 2016 pro plus

Microsoft promises that Office 2016 for Mac will be updated regularly and that users will receive notifications through the Office for Mac Auto-Update tool roughly every 60 days. Microsoft promises to have the new Mac programs ready for availability this summer. There is no word on pricing.

The Benefits of SharePoint for Mac 2016 key cheap
SharePoint offers a host of benefits to those who want to utilize software that is flexible enough to serve as a self-contained file sharing system or operate via the cloud. Once a business decides to integrate SharePoint, one of the first things that must be decided is which platform to use. For Mac users, cloud sharing is very simple as Apple products tend to work well within the cloud 2016 professional key

SharePoint offers easy access to thousands of documents and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Office 365 professional plus 2016 product keyWhether you rely on an iOS platform or are trying to integrate Mac into your office’s work systems, SharePoint can give you the support you and your workers need to share information, collaborate on projects and store data safely and securely.keygen office 2016

keygen office 2016 office plus 2016 product key

10 ways Microsoft Office 2016 could improve your productivity

1: Real-time co-authoring
Co-authoring has been around for a long time for many Office apps, but with Office 2016 that collaboration can now take place in real time. That means you will be able to see what your co-conspirators are doing in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation as they do it—and conversely they will be able to see what you are doing. It won’t even matter where you are or what device you are office 2016 product keys

2: OneNote notebook sharing
OneNote is one of the most useful applications available in Microsoft Office, and it is also one of the least appreciated. Office 2016 allows you to share a OneNote notebook with as many people as you 2016 activator And because OneNote works with text, images, worksheets, emails, and just about any other document type you can think of, it can be a great central resource for a team working on a project. That is, if they know to use it.

3: Simplified document 2016 key store
Office 2016 simplifies sharing of documents by adding a Share button to the upper-right corner of your Office apps. Clicking that button will give you one-click access to share your document with anyone in your contacts list. You don’t even have to leave the document to do it. That does sound pretty simple.

4: Smart attachments
If you’re like me, you have to send email attachments just about every day. In previous versions of Office, adding attachments to an email required you to navigate to the location where the document was stored. You can still do that in Office 2016, but if the document in question was one you worked on recently, it will now show up in a list of shareable documents right there in Outlook. Essentially, Office 2016 keeps a universal recently worked on list for you.

5: Clutter for Outlook
Like most of us, you probably get a ton of email every day. Wading through the Outlook inbox to prioritize each email takes time and hampers your ability to be productive. Office 2016 adds a new category to your inbox triage toolbox, called Clutter. You can designate certain emails as low priority and they, and future similar emails, will be deposited automatically into a Clutter folder in Outlook. So now you have four categories for email: important, clutter, junk, and 2016 key cheap

6: Better version history
Collaboration and creativity can be a messy process, with shared documents changing drastically over time. Office 2016 compensates for potentially lost ideas by keeping past versions of documents and making them available directly from Office applications under the History section of the File menu.

7: New chart types in Excel
The ability to visualize data with an Excel chart has always been a welcome and powerful capability. However, the list of available chart types found in previous versions of Excel needed an update. Office 2016 adds several new chart types to the templates list, including Waterfall, which is great chart if you like to track the stock market. Other new chart types include Treemap, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.keygen office 2016

8: Power BI
Between the release of Office 2013 and Office 2016, Microsoft spent a great amount of time and capital acquiring technologies that shore up its business intelligence and analytical applications. Power BI, a powerful analytics tool, now comes bundled with your Office 365 subscription. Knowing every little detail about how your business is running is essential information, and Power BI can bring it all together for professional plus 2016 product key

9: Delve
Delve is another new tool that comes with an Office 365 subscription. The best way to describe Delve is as a central location that gives you access to everything you have created, shared, or collaborated on using Office 2016. It is another recently worked on list, only this version of the list is stored in the cloud—so you can access it from anywhere with any device using the Office 365 2016 professional key

10: Purchase choices
Office 2016 is generally available only as a subscription. Even if you buy a boxed version of Office 2016, you are buying access to an annual subscription, with one exception. If you purchase the Office Home & Student 2016 box, you pay a one-time fee of $149.99 for just the basic Office apps.

Microsoft has definitely stacked the deck so that the best bang for the buck is a subscription to Office 365, which includes Office 2016 plus all the cloud services. Businesses should be looking at one of the Office 365 for Business subscriptions. It is also going to be your best deal.

Office 2016 / Skype for Business 2015 Client Preview

Much has been posted recently regarding the preview of Skype for Business client and what it has to bring to the table. The basic office team announcement was made on their blog (found here) this morning but others attending the various release functions commented as 2016 activator Those comments are the ones I have issue with and want to make a few basic comments of my own 2016 buy key

First and foremost the new Skype for Business client is NOT a new client but rather an update to the existing Lync client. That’s right - a CU/KB is applied and voila - you have the new Skype4B client. That brings a lot of ramifications with it, not the least that this client does communicate and work with Lync Server 2013 just fine. In its basic client upgrade and work as you are state, the features are the same, but you get a new look.

Skype4B client does NOT add the additional functionality of initiating calls, communication, etc. directly from Office apps (such as Outlook) as Lync already did that - and has done that - forever. This is nothing new and the contact cards are still shared.activation key office 2016.This also means it is not pulling on Lync features, they are Lync features as again, this is Lync under the covers.

Another important feature - and one that has been available in Lync for some time - is the ability to communicate with the public Skype counterpart. The idea of public federation was introduced in 2006 with Live Communication Server 2005 SP1 (that’s LCS, the predecessor to OCS which was the predecessor to Lync). Public federation is a feature that has been in Lync’s history and today (and yes even yesterday) you had the option to configure this federation link using the Microsoft provisioning website 2016 pro plus product key
Will the process and the features improve with time - yes, but not a new feature as of today.

Skype for Business Client and Office 2016 are coming and are exciting improvements. But it is important to understand what the changes are, how they impact current infrastructure, and what  (if any) impact that means on your end users. The last big piece of that equation is rolled into the original comment above - that this release is simply a cumulative update. What if you don’t want the update?office professional plus 2016 key.Well for those on-premise that are delivering Office Pro Plus 2013 using the “fat” method, easy - don’t install it. For those using the Click-2-Run Office 365 distribution method - not such an easy decision. The good news is regardless, administrative control will be available to decide how Lync/Skype looks on the desktop using Lync/Skype client 2016 product key This means the updates can occur and the switch to the new interface (and potentially new features) can be at the control of IT.

Here’s to 2016 with Messenger

The first week of the New Year is always a good moment to look back at the year behind and think about the one ahead. The Messenger team’s mission is to make Messenger the best place to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world. I’m happy to report that we’ve made a good step in that direction, and toward the end of 2015, we crossed the milestone of 800 million people using Messenger each month. It’s a good number, but we believe we have so much more opportunity ahead of us, and these are still the early days of 2016 activator.

2015 was a year when we made significant improvements to how we enable people to home student 2016 product key. Among other things, we made Messenger blazing fast, we introduced video calling, the ability to customize conversations with colors, nicknames and emojis, and with Businesses on Messenger, we introduced a new way for businesses to engage their customers by providing them with a delightful, personal experience. We rolled out the ability to send and receive money to friends right from conversations, launched Messenger Platform for expression apps, and updated the way you can choose to share your location. We added helpful information at the top of new conversations so you always have the context of who you’re talking to if it’s not a Facebook friend, and with Message Requests, we built the foundational step of enabling you to find and talk to anyone. We also made photo sharing with friends easier than ever with our new feature Photo 2016 product key. Additionally, we started testing M, a digital virtual assistant, and closed the year by launching our transportation platform with Uber. It was a busy year! We created all these experiences with a mindset of helping hundreds of millions of people manage their daily interactions with people, businesses, and services more seamlessly than ever.
The disappearance of the phone number
First let’s set some context. Think about it: SMS and texting came to the fore in the time of flip phones. Now, many of us can do so much more on our phones; we went from just making phone calls and sending basic text-only messages to having computers in our pockets. And just like the flip phone is disappearing, old communication styles are disappearing too. With Messenger, we offer all the things that made texting so popular, but also so much more. Yes, you can send text messages, but you can also send stickers, photos, videos, voice clips, GIFs, your location, and money to people. You can make video and voice calls while at the same time not needing to know someone’s phone number. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to use Messenger anymore, and it’s also a cross platform experience – so you can pick up where you left off whether you’re on a desktop computer, a tablet, or your phone.

Threads are the new apps
We’re seeing a paradigm shift in how people office 2016 product key. At Messenger we’re thinking about how we can help you interact with businesses or services to buy items (and then buy more again), order rides, purchase airline tickets, and talk to customer service in truly frictionless and delightful ways. It is so much easier to do everything in one place that has the context of your last interactions, as well as your identity – no need to ever login – rather than downloading apps that you’ll never use again and jumping around from one app to another. Our early tests in 2015 with brands are showing that interactions will happen more and more in your Messenger threads, so we’ll continue making it easy for you to engage with businesses, and we’ll also do more to enable additional businesses and services to build the right experience in conversations.

We’re all social beings
We love to share, chat, debate, discuss, and inform, most often with those closest to us. Messenger now gives you many tools to help you personalize your conversations no matter who you are talking to – your dorm corridor, your co-workers, your office 2016 product key. We’re looking at ways for you to build your own space to communicate just the way you want to in your own style and tone – think of it like your very own social handshake. And one to one messages aren’t the only option. Groups on Messenger are the very best way to coordinate with friends, family, coworkers and others to make plans or even just to make sure you don’t miss anything when you can’t all be together in person.

Innovation matters
You can expect us to keep trying new things, too. office 2016 key activation.Our test of M, our digital virtual assistant, powered by human-trained AI, is going well. It’s still very, very early days, but the growing AI capabilities are bringing unparalleled convenience to simple, every day tasks like booking a restaurant, sending flowers, and making plans. There will be more innovative developments to come from Messenger this 2016 pro plus activation key.

It’s all about delight
It’s really important that we build products that solve real problems for people. We want all of our experiences to be delightful and helpful, and to make your life easier, but we also want to empower you to put a smile on the faces of those people who matter the most in your life.

The whole Messenger team is excited about the year ahead, and as the year goes by, about unveiling what we have in store for you. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.